Linking to PayPal

The ePayments card can be linked to a PayPal account only for paying for goods and services. Transferring from PayPal to an ePayments card or e-Wallet is not possible.

To successfully link your card to PayPal you need to consider the following points:

– PayPal makes a small initial charge of 1 currency unit (depending on the card's currency), meaning that it is essential that there are already funds on the card. You can find out how to add funds to your card in this article.

– When linking your card you need to indicate the card's billing address. In the ePayments system, the billing address is the address to which the card was delivered - please indicate this address in PayPal in order for it to be successfully linked

If you're having difficulty entering your billing address, please write to us and we will be sure to help you.

Transaction currency in PayPal

If a client has not indicated the transaction currency in his/her PayPal account settings, then PayPal applies a currency based on the geographical location of the card issuer, which is in our case the United Kingdom, so the currency is GBP.

You can change the standard transaction currency in your PayPal account settings or by contacting PayPal's support team.