How can I register a business account and start using it?

You can only register a business account on our website.

Do you already have an ePayments account, but you’ve lost your login or password? Restore access by using our form.

In the registration form choose “business” as the account type:

After that enter your e-mail address:


Set your password and its validity period.


We recommend to use the most complicated password possible, containing letters, numbers and symbols. It must be no shorter than 8 characters.

Password validity period

This will help to remind you to regularly change your password for additional account security. You can also choose a password with no limit on its validity period.

Confirmation code 

A six-figure code will be sent to your phone or e-mail address to confirm registration. If the code is sent to your phone, it is valid for a 10-minute period. If it is sent to your e-mail address it is valid for a 24-hour period.

If you didn’t receive the code, please request it again, ensuring in advance that:

  1. The e-mail with the code did not end up in your “spam” folder in your e-mail inbox, and
  2. Your device’s storage is not full.

If you still do not receive the code, please contact us.


Important: In order to start using your e-Wallet you must provide information about the company and the representative in whose name the account will be registered. You also will need to pass the verification process.


1. Fill in the company’s details:


You can change details (for instance, a company name) only by contacting the support team.

2. Enter information about the company’s representative: the account will be registered in his/her name and this name will be displayed on the card. You can enter your own name even if you already have a personal account on ePayments.


3. Enter the confirmation code received by SMS/e-mail (depending on which contact details were first entered):


4. Your account is ready:



5. To pass the verification process go to the “Settings” menu, and the “Account verification” section:


6. Follow the instructions:


7. Confirm the identity of the company representative (account holder):

  •  choose the country of citizenship;
  •  enter the number and validity period of a document confirming his/her identity: the list of accepted documents is displayed on the left-hand side;
  •  upload the file;
  •  click on “Save”.


8. Return to the “Settings” menu, and choose “Company details confirmation” in the “Account Verification” section:


9. Upload documents which can confirm the company’s details (the list is displayed on the left-hand side) and click on “Save” in order to attach the document:


10. Return to the “Settings” menu and choose the next section, “Address confirmation”, confirm the address of the company’s representative by uploading documents and click “Save”:


11. You then need to fill out the form:


12. Please describe the company’s activity in detail: as detailed and accurately as possible in order to avoid additional questions on our part:


13. Choose your reasons for registering:


14. Enter the company’s turnover…:


15… and how you wish to add funds to your e-Wallet:


16. In the “Settings” menu under “Account verification” all fields have now been filled in, and so the next step is to send your verification request: click on “Send”:


17. Your request for verification has been sent off. We will review it within 3 working days and will get in touch with you via the ticket system. Depending on the information provided and the organisational structure of the company we may request additional documents and details.


If any questions or difficulties arise when carrying out any of these steps, please contact us.