How can I register a business account and start using it?

To open a business account you will need to complete the following 3 steps on our website:


Step 1. Register for an ePayments Account

Make sure you choose a 'Business Account' type

You can follow this link to access the registration page. 



Fill in your email address



Set up a password and confirm your email address



Set a password for your account. We recommend making it complicated, containing letters, numbers and symbols. A valid password must be at-least 8 characters long.

You can set a validity period for your password. Limiting your password validity period is recommended for additional account security, however you can also choose a password with no limit on its validity period. 

A six-figure code* will be sent to your e-mail address to confirm registration. Please note that the code is only valid for a 24-hours from the moment it was sent.

After completing these steps, click Continue. 

Congrats! you have successfully completed step 1.

*If you didn’t receive the code, please request it again, ensuring in advance that the e-mail with the code did not end up in your “spam” folder in your e-mail inbox

If you still do not receive the code, please contact us.


Step 2. Filling in company and account holder data

Filling in Company Information*



Adding details of the company’s representative (this is the account holder)

The company representative is the person how has access to the ePayments account, and, in case you would like to order a prepaid ePayments card - that person's name will be on the card.

Please include personal information like name, ID / passport #, residential address and mobile phone number.

In step 3 you will be required to provide proofs for the account holders details such as Identity Card scans and 'Proof of Address' such as utility bills. 

Confirming your mobile phone number: We will send a code to your mobile phone - please enter it

Please Note: The mobile phone number is also used to enable two factor authentication for your account for increased security (e.g. when logging in and making a payment), so please make sure to include a valid and working number which you have access to.

Please contact us if the code does not arrive.

*Please make sure you fill in correct details as you may change details (for instance, a company name) only by contacting the support team.


After you confirmed the phone number you've completed the second step of registration (indicating the company's and the representative's information).

Further it is necessary to confirm the indicated information by documents on Step 3


If any questions or difficulties arise when carrying out any of these steps, please contact us