How can I do a chargeback

You purchased goods and their standards don’t match what the vendor promised when the sale was made.

You received dollars from an ATM and the transaction amount on the receipt is in euros, as well as information that you agreed to the ATMs currency exchange.

If you used the ePayments card, then contact our support team to resolve this issue.

There may be more reasons for contacting us:

- the ATM did not give out the money but debited it from your card;

- the vendor debited your card twice for one purchase;

- the service was not provided;

- the goods were not delivered;

- the goods received were counterfeit.

To resolve such issues we raise a dispute, otherwise known as “chargeback”.


What is a dispute?

A dispute is a disagreement between the vendor’s representatives and the buyer. The goal is to return the funds debited from the card. The process is similar to a lawsuit: the plaintiff is ePayments, who demands a refund, and the defendant is the vendor’s bank. If during the dispute the two sides cannot come to a decision, the final decision is handed down by mastercard®.


How can I open a dispute?

Contact us. In your message give details on the transaction number and describe your claim. If you have any transaction receipts or correspondence with the vendor, attach them to the message.

We will study the information received, determine the reason for the dispute, and in some cases we will ask you to fill in a claim form. Having prepared the dispute, we will send the defendant our demands for the payment’s return and will inform you of the date on which you can expect the result.

Within a 45-day period after receiving the demands the defendant must decide: to return the money or to refuse to do so. If he/she accepts the demands, the money will be returned to the card on the 46th day. If the defendant considers the claim to be unfounded, the dispute will be extended for another 90 days. If we cannot resolve the claim within 90 days, we will consider handing over the case to Mastercard®’s arbitration committee, who will either oblige the vendor to return the funds, or will side with him/her.

Throughout the process we may contact you to receive additional information or to provide you with new information.

Can the money be returned quicker?

It can. Try to solve the issue with the vendor before contacting us. If funds were debited from the card twice for one operation, show the vendor the card statement. It is possible that the vendor will accommodate you and return the funds on the very same day.


Sometimes the vendor’s decision can surprise you. If instead of Depeche Mode you received a Pink Floyd album, inform the vendor about it. The vendor may offer you a new album with a good discount as compensation. If you don’t listen to Pink Floyd or you don’t need a second album - contact us and we will open a dispute.