Accepting payment from Yandex.Money

Accepting payment to the ePayments e-Wallet from a Yandex.Money wallet is available for clients with “Verified” status. Find out how to start the verification process right now.


You can find fees for this service on our website.

Processing times

Operations are carried out within a few minutes.


Payments can be accepted to any currency section of the e-Wallet (USD, EUR, RUB). If you are adding funds to the USD or EUR section, then the funds will be converted from rubles according to the exchange rate displayed in the “Outgoing amount” field.


You can acquaint yourself with the limits on the “Receive” page → "From a Yandex.Money e-Wallet".



*Please be aware that Yandex.Money has its own additional limits. Click on “?” to view them.

Choose the currency section of the ePayments e-Wallet to which you’d like to receive funds, and fill in one of the fields: “Outgoing amount” or “Incoming amount”.

  • Incoming amount – here you can show what amount you wish to receive on your ePayments e-Wallet. If the “Outgoing amount” has been completed, this field automatically will be filled in
  • Outgoing amount – the amount with fees, which you will need to send from your Yandex.Money wallet. It is automatically calculated if the “Incoming amount” field has been filled in

Next, check that all details entered are correct and follow the system’s instructions.

If the payment was declined…

The most common reason for a declined transfer – reaching ePayments or Yandex.Money limits. If you received an error about reaching your limits, you must wait for them to be reset.

If you have encountered a different error, please contact us and we will help to find out the reason behind it.

The same option to accept a payment to your e-Wallet is also available on the mobile app for iOS and Android.