Personal area settings

On the web version in the “Settings” menu in your personal area, there is the possibility to enable extra options, designed to protect your account and to make using your personal area more convenient.



The language of your personal account is set up in accordance with the language set up on your browser. You can change the language yourself by choosing one of the available languages in the dropdown menu.


Here you can choose to receive notifications related to account activity.

IP restrictions

We recommend making use of this option to protect your account. You can add one or several IP-addresses to the list of permitted IP-addresses, as well as IP-address ranges. Or you can restrict your account access to IP-addresses of a certain country.

If you cannot enter your account due to having set up IP restrictions, please contact us.

Two-factor authentication

Additionally we advise enabling two-factor authentication, a security mechanism which requires you to enter- in addition to your password- a one-time authorisation code.

To enable this you must select “Google Authenticator” in the dropdown menu, after which you need to:

  •  receive the confirmation code via SMS;
  •  install the Google Authenticator application for devices which use iOS or Android operating systems (you can also use other authentication applications);
  •  using the installed application scan the QR code;
  •  enter the one-time confirmation code generated by the application.

To disable this option select “Disabled” in the drop-down menu and enter the code generated in the Google Authenticator application.

Other than in your personal area, you can disable two-factor authenticator by sending a request via the “No access to the device?” link after entering your login and password on the website.

Phone and email

You can change your phone number and e-mail address by clicking on the pencil icon next to the information which needs changing, and then entering the new details. To confirm a change of phone number, enter the code which will be sent to the current number. To change your email address, a confirmation code will be sent straight away to the new address.

If you no longer have access to your confirmed phone number, please contact us.

ePayments account password

Here you can change your password if needed. To do this please pay close attention to the password requirements on the central dashboard and first enter your old password, and then your new password and the validity period for the new password.

If you have forgotten your old password, you can reset it via this link by following the instructions.

Invisible mode

When in “Invisible mode”, other ePayments users cannot see the ePayments logo opposite your contact when looking in the address book (via our mobile application).

Receive Membership Confirmation

Membership Confirmation — this is a document that confirms your ownership of an ePayments e-Wallet. It is provided only to verified clients and only in English. Find out how to begin verification now. After ordering the document it will be sent to you by e-mail.


To order the document go to the "Receive Membership Confirmation" section. Enter the following information:

Select the currency — select the currency section of the e-Wallet for which you wish to receive the document.

Select details — select the ePayments account or personal IBAN account.

After this click Send. You will receive it at the e-mail address given in the settings section. If you did not receive the Membership Confirmation or an error occurred, please contact us.

Confirm operations

In this section you can choose the method to confirm operations with money — a one-time code via an SMS-notification or a PUSH notification. Until you confirm this method ePayments will not transfer your funds.


SMS notifications are sent to the verified phone number provided in the settings section. They contain the one-time code necessary to confirm the operation. A separate code is sent for each operation.

Push notifications are sent to the mobile device with the ePayments application installed. They can connect to the device itself. In order to do this, open the ePayments mobile application and go to the SettingsConfirm operations section. Select "PUSH notifications" and enter the code sent to you in an SMS message to the phone number provided. If you change your device you will need to link the new phone or tablet in order to receive notifications on it.