Accepting payments by bank transfer

Accepting payments by bank transfer is available to clients with "Verified" status. Find out how to begin verification right now.


The fees for crediting a bank transfer are from 0-1%. You can find out the precise rate in your personal area on the "Receive" → "By bank details" page.

Time frames

We receive bank transfers within 1-5 working days after they are sent. The time frames depend on those specified by the sender of the payment.


You can receive bank transfers in EUR or RUB. Currency selection depends on the bank requisites you use:

  • you can receive payments in EUR or RUB using general bank requisites*. You can find out about the availability of other currencies from the support team
  • you can only receive payments in EUR (see below for more details) using personal requisites**

* general requisites do not contain your personal information - they display only the ePayments account details

** personal requisites are generated in your name and are automatically linked to your account after verification is complete

Both types of requisites are available in the personal area in the "Receive" → "By bank details" page.

How do general and personal bank requisites differ?

Bank transfers to general and personal requisites are carried out in the same way: the payment initiator must send the transfer from a bank account using the details provided to him/her. However, a transfer to personal requisites may be more convenient for the sender: you just have to provide the recipient's IBAN. Also, transfers using personal requisites (by IBAN) generally arrive quicker.

Accepting a payment in EUR to a personal IBAN

ePayments clients can receive payments by bank transfer to a personal virtual identifier - IBAN. This identifier allows for the receiving of transfers using the client's details (name, address).

You can receive transfers to a personal IBAN:

  • in the SEPA system (only in 34 countries: 28 of which are members of the EU, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco, and San Marino)
  • in the TARGET2 system (more than 50,000 banks from 168 countries which have access to this payment system)

You can find out what types of transfers your personal IBAN supports from the support team.

What to take into account when using the service:

  • money must only be sent via the SEPA or TARGET2 systems
  • transfers must only be in EUR currency


You can view the limits for this service in the "Receive" → "By bank details" page.

Creating a transfer

We receive transfers from personal bank accounts and from third parties. Bank requisites can be found in your personal area on the "Receive" → "By bank transfers" page.

Additionally you can provide the required information regarding the purpose of the transfer (such as a description of the services for which the funds are being sent).

In accordance with Articles 6.1 and 6.2 (a) of the Terms and Conditions we may request supporting documents in order to credit a transfer.

⚠ Important: it is advisable to provide the e-Wallet number when sending a payment using general requisites.


If the transfer received is less than the amount sent…

It is most likely that this occurred because the transfer was created using BEN or SHA conditions, which require that any fees be paid only by the recipient or equally by the recipient and the sender. The sender determines the conditions for sharing any fees.

If the transfer was not credited on time… 

It is possible that it was sent without the recipient's e-Wallet number, or the bank requisites were incorrectly provided. Please write a ticket to us and provide the transfer amount in it, the date it was sent, and the name of the sender, and we will help you to find the transfer.

If the transfer was sent using incorrect bank requisites…

It is most likely that we will not receive the transfer and it will be returned to the sender. Bank requisites must be provided exactly as they are shown in your personal area.