Transfer to bank account

Transferring funds from the ePayments e-Wallet to a bank account is available to “Verified” account holders. Find out how to start the verification process right now.


Fees for this service can be found on our website.

Transfer times

We process outgoing bank transfers within 1 working day, and they appear in the recipient’s account from 1-5 working days from the moment it is sent. The precise time depends on the payment processing speed of the correspondent and recipient banks.


Transfers can be sent in EUR or RUB.


Limits for this service can be viewed in your personal area on the “Payments and Transfers” page “To bank account”.

Transfer processing

To process a transfer you need to fill in the fields with your bank details.

You can process a transfer to your own bank account and to third-party accounts. In accordance with articles 6.1 and 6.2 (a) of the Terms and Conditions, in order to send a transfer we may request supporting documentation.

Having filled out the recipient’s bank details, you can enter information about the correspondent bank, if you have it. If you do not enter these details, our bank will select the most suitable option itself.

The next step is to double-check all the details entered and confirm the transfer using the SMS or PUSH notification code. You can learn more about each of the confirmation methods in the "How to begin registration" article.

Your bank details

If you regularly use the bank transfer service, save the recipient’s bank details in the form of a payment template. This can be done when setting up the transfer by clicking the “Save” box, or earlier, by adding the bank account information on the “Cards and Accounts” page, under “Added bank accounts”.

This method of adding funds is also available on the mobile application for iOS and Android.