Transfer to Yandex.Money wallet

Transferring funds from the ePayments e-Wallet to a Yandex.Money wallet is available for verified clients. Find out how to start the verification process right now.


You can find fees for this service on our website.

Processing times

Transfers are carried out within a few minutes.


Payment can be made from any currency section of the e-Wallet (USD/EUR/RUB). We send transfers to Yandex.Money only in rubles, since funds in USD or EUR will be converted into rubles when sending.


You can acquaint yourself with the limits on the “Payments and Transfers” page → "Yandex.Money".


*Please be aware that Yandex.Money has its own additional limits. Click on “?” to view them.

To send the transfer please complete the following fields:

currency section of the e-Wallet, from which the funds are to be sent. If it differs from RUB, the money will be converted at the exchange rate proposed amount in the “Incoming amount” field.

Yandex.Money wallet number (the wallet can belong to anybody).

payment amount (please be aware of the limits established by Yandex.Money. You can acquaint yourself with them by clicking on the question mark above the information on limits). Below in the “Amount with fees” field the amount to be debited from the e-Wallet will be displayed.

the “Details” field is required to be filled in. This can contain information at your discretion, for example, the type of service which is being paid for with this transfer. The recipient will see the transfer details in their Yandex.Money personal area.

The next step is to double-check all the details entered and confirm the transfer using the SMS or PUSH notification code. You can learn more about each of the confirmation methods in the "How to begin registration" article.

If the payment was declined…

Please contact us and we will help to find out the reasons behind the error.

This way of transferring funds is also available on the mobile application for iOS and Android.