Transfer to Visa QIWI wallet

Transferring funds from the ePayments e-Wallet to a Visa QIWI Wallet is available for verified clients. Find out how to start the verification process right now.


Fees for this service can be found on our website.

Transfer times

Transfers are carried out within minutes.


It is possible to send money in USD, EUR and RUB.


Limits for this operation can be viewed in your personal area on the “Payments and Transfers” page → "Visa QIWI Wallet”.


To carry out the operation please fill in the following fields:

  • currency section from which the transfer will be sent
  • QIWI Wallet number (the Wallet number is the phone number used when registering on QIWI. It can be any user’s Wallet)
  • the transfer amount (please pay attention to the payment amount limits as specified by QIWI. You can acquaint yourself with them by clicking on the question mark under the information about limits on the central dashboard). The amount including fees will be automatically calculated and will be displayed on the left-hand side above the information about limits. This amount will be debited from your ePayments e-Wallet
  • in the “Incoming amount” field you can change the currency in which to credit funds to your QIWI Wallet, as well as view the exchange rate according to which the money will be converted when transferred.
  • details (optional). Here you can enter, for instance, the name of the service paid for by the transfer

The next step is to double-check all the details entered and confirm the transfer using the SMS or PUSH notification code. You can learn more about each of the confirmation methods in the "How to begin registration" article.

If the payment is declined…

This occurs extremely rarely, but if this did happen please contact us and we will help to understand what the error was.

This way of transferring funds is also available on the mobile application for iOS and Android.