Currency exchange

You can make use of this service if you need:

  • to load your ePayments card if the funds on the e-Wallet are not in the card’s currency;
  • to transfer money to another user in the agreed currency;

as well as in other situations which require currency exchange.

Currency exchange is available for verified clients. Find out how to start the verification process right now.

Transfer times

Currency conversion takes place instantly.


Currency exchange can be carried out between any sections of your e-Wallet - USD, EUR, RUB.


Open the “Payments and Transfers” page and choose the “Between your accounts” service. In addition to currency exchange, here you can add funds to your ePayments card from your e-Wallet and transfer funds from your card back to your e-Wallet.

The exchange rate shown during the operation is based on the mid-market exchange rate on the current day and is valid for 5 minutes. 

In order to carry out an exchange, in the “From account” field choose the outgoing currency section, and in the “To account” field select the currency which you want to receive from the operation. Enter the amount to be exchanged below.

Next, check all details entered once more and carry out the exchange by clicking on “Confirm”.

Currency exchange is also available on the mobile application for iOS and Android.