Card order

Up-to-date information about the cost of an ePayments card and its maintenance fees is available on our website*.

You can order an ePayments card on the “Cards and Accounts” page in your personal area. To do this click on the “+” sign and choose the “New card”. 

Then the card order page will open:

Choose the card currency, enter the address and delivery method (standard or express delivery)**. The standard delivery type doesn't provide a tracking number.

Next, you will need to enter additional security details that will help to confirm the online payment if the 3D Secure code has not been received by SMS. You will need to enter these details in Latin letters - be sure to memorise them and do not give them to anybody.

Then check that all details entered are correct and click on “Place order”. Then you will need to pay for the order. This can be done in the following ways:

  • from your e-Wallet balance
  • from PayPal
  • from a VISA/mastercard® bank card

⚠Important: If you are ordering your second card, you can only pay for it from your e-Wallet balance.

We will produce the card within 1-2 days after the order, after which we will send it. Please note that the card will be sent for production immediately after making the payment in your personal area, so changes to the order details (card currency, delivery address) will not be possible. Please only enter verifiable details when ordering.

You can also order a card in the ePayments mobile application for iOS and Android. To do this choose “Add card” on the main page. Under the card image the currency it is issued in will be displayed.

Card order and account verification

ePayments cards are available to EEA residents and passport holders. To find out if you’re eligible for an ePayments card, please contact us.

ePayments card order is available only for verified customers. Find out how to begin verification now. Note that you can only order a card to the address confirmed during the verification process. Find out how to start the verification process right now. 

*When ordering a card you will receive 2 months of free card maintenance. The maintenance period starts from the moment the card is activated. Furthermore, if you pay for goods and services with the card (in stores or on the internet) to a sum of no less than 300 USD/ 300 EUR in one month, you will not need to pay for the following month’s card maintenance.

**More detailed information on delivery options, times and counties can be found in the “Delivery cost and times”.