How to use my card

Using ePayments card is only available for verified clients. Find out how to start the verification process right now.

The ePayments card can be used at any payment terminal or ATM if the mastercard®, maestro® or cirrus® logos is displayed, and it can also be used for making payments/withdrawing money in any currency* which the ATM issues. 

The card can be used anywhere in the world, though sometimes the card type or issuing country can be a reason for transactions to be declined by the merchant. Therefore, before paying we recommend you clarify with the merchant or with the bank whether they accept prepaid cards issued in the UK.

ATM operations

Our card is equipped with a chip to ensure that card use is the most secure as possible. The card can only be used at ATMs which support chip card technology (EMV technology). You can find your nearest such ATM on the mastercard® website.

Up-to-date limits and fees for ATM operations can be viewed on our website*.

Banks, at ATMS or at tills where you are making your operations, may also apply fees or limits which differ from the ePayments limits. We recommend you clarify the card acceptance terms of these banks in branch in advance.

Operations at payment terminals

You can pay for goods and services at payment terminals (POS-terminals).

Up-to-date limits and fees for POS-operations (card payment) can be viewed on our website*.

Online operations

Such operations are provided with additional security via mastercard® SecureCode (3D Secure) technology, which requires the operation to be confirmed by a code (OTP - one-time password), received by SMS.

⚠Important: online merchants also may decline your payment for their own internal reasons- the issuing country of the card (the UK) or its type (Prepaid) may influence this. Some merchants also check the card’s billing address with the address entered on their website. For ePayments cards the billing address is the card’s delivery address.

If you encounter any difficulties with payment, you can always write to us - we will look into your question and will be glad to provide an answer to it.

*Please be aware that for operations in any other currency to that of your card, an extra fee of 2.6% will apply.