Receiving bonus rewards

Transferring funds to the e-Wallet

To receive rewards click on the Transfer to e-Wallet button in the Affiliate programme page. The button is activated if there are bonus rewards available for payment. Transfer will be immediately credited to the corresponding currency section of the ePayments e-Wallet*, and you can check the transfer status on the Statements page.

Cancelled payments

If the operation for which funds are credited was cancelled, then the rewards will also be cancelled. The bonus balance will thus be reduced by the corresponding amount.

If the cancellation took place after transferring the rewards to the ePayments e-Wallet, then the balance on the For Payment section will display a negative balance equal to the amount for the cancelled operation.

Negative balances are compensated by the following rewards.


* for example, if 1000 USD and 500 RUB is available for payment, then after a successful transfer the client's e-Wallet will be credited with 1000 USD in the dollar section, and 500 RUB in the rouble section.