How it works

Full affiliate programme information is laid out in the Affiliate programme menu in the ePayments personal area.

The following operations are included in the affiliate programme:

  • payment for the first ePayments card

You receive rewards if clients who followed your referral link order, pay for it and activate their first ePayments card. If a client cancels after ordering a card then rewards are cancelled too.


Statistics and balances


The first block in the affiliate programme section – Available for payment. Your current balance is displayed here, which you can transfer to your ePayments e-Wallet.

Bonus balance* - this is the funds which are received for financial operations of your referrals. The overall balance is displayed in one currency according to the ePayments exchange rate. The displayed currency can be changed. By clicking on this block you can see the balance for each individual currency.


Balances are displayed in four sections:

  • For payment - the amount of rewards which can be transferred to the ePayments e-Wallet
  • Processing - the amount which is awaiting confirmation. After confirmation this will be available to transfer to e-Wallet
  • Cancelled - the amount which was cancelled and which will not be credited (for example due to a refund). If an operation from a referral, which entailed reward funds, was cancelled, then the rewards will be cancelled too
  • Completed - the amount of bonus rewards paid out to the ePayments e-Wallet


Affiliate links


In this block statistics for partner links are displayed according to the following parameters:

  • Link name - the link name, generated by you or by the system. The URL of the affiliate link can be copied by clicking on the “Link” sign
  • Transitions - the amount of links followed (clicks) from your displayed link
  • Registrations - the amount of users who registered from your displayed link
  • For payment/Processing/Cancelled - the amount available for payment/being processed/cancelled for the given link for the chosen period


Creating links


When registering on ePayments an affiliate link is created, which can immediately be used. Alternatively, a new one can be created if you wish.

To create a new link click the “+” symbol and the system will lead you to the link creation page.

Here you will need to fill in the following fields:

  • - if the name is not displayed, it will be generated automatically. The name must not be the same as a previous link
  • Landing page- the page to which your potential referral will be directed to when clicking on the affiliate link (for instance, the main page)

The URL of the page to be directed to will be shown in the Affiliate link field. After saving the link it will be displayed in the My affiliate links block.


Managing links


Links can be edited, deleted and restored.

To edit or delete links, open the given link's menu by clicking on its name.

You can only edit link names. After such changes your referrals, who have already received the link under the old names, can register, but they will not be linked to your e-Wallet. The same will occur if you delete a link from your personal area.

In the My available links block the deleted link will be highlighted in blue. By clicking on the link name, you will go to its menu where you can restore it.

If you restore a link within 30 days after deleting it, then its function in the affiliate programme will be restored. After 30 days the link will be deleted from the general link list and will not be able to be restored.


* to learn more about receiving rewards read here