How it works

After registering and verifying, a business client is able to participate in the affiliate programme. A ready-created link is located in the corresponding menu in the personal area, which can be given to one’s partners and clients for registration. The business client receives bonuses for several types of operation, both those which are carried out as first-level referrals (which registered directly from the business client’s link), as well as second-level (those clients who registered via the referral link of a first-level referral). Bonuses are accumulated on a separate bonus e-Wallet and they can be converted and the money transferred to one’s own ePayments e-Wallet.


  • Bonuses are credited only for verified referrals’ operations.

  • A bonus can be transferred to the ePayments e-Wallet only 10-15 days after the operation for which it is credited is carried out. An exception is for ePayments card orders, for which the bonus can be credited only after the card has been activated.

  • A bonus is cancelled if the financial operation for which it is credited is cancelled and the funds returned. If the bonus e-Wallet has a balance of zero when the bonus is cancelled, then it will become negative.

You can familiarise yourself with detailed terms and conditions by following the link.

Creating links


When registering with ePayments a partner link is created, which can immediately start being used or, if you wish, a new one can be created.

To create a new link, click on the “+” symbol and the system will redirect you to the page for creating a link.

Here you will need to complete the following fields:

  • Link name* - if there was no name, it will be generated automatically. Names should not be repeated

  • Target page - the page where your potential referral will be redirected to upon clicking on the partner link (for instance, the system’s main page)

The created URL address for redirection will be displayed on the Affiliate link page. After saving, the link will be displayed in the My affiliate links section.

Managing links


Links can be edited, deleted and restored. To edit or delete a link, open the menu in the link by clicking on its name. Only the link name can be edites. After changing or deleting a link your referrals, who already received the link with the old name, can register, but will not be able to link to youe e-Wallet and there will not be any bonus payouts. Bonuses for referrals who registered before the link was deleted will be credited as usual.

In the My affiliate links section a deleted link will be highlighted in grey. By clicking on the link name, you will be redirected to its menu where the restore button will be located.

If you restore a link within a 30-day period from the moment it was deleted, its work in the affiliate programme will be restored. After 30 days the link will be deleted from the overall list and it will not be possible to restore it.

You can track the statistics for your affiliate programme using several information sections located in the “Affiliate programme” menu in the personal area.

Affiliate links


In this section the following parameters are presented:

  • Link name - here the name of the link you created, or the one generated by the system, is shown. The URL address of the partner link can be copied by clicking on the “Link” sign.

  • Transitions - the number of redirects (clicks) for your link

  • Registrations - the number of users who have registered from your link is shown

  • For payment/Processed /Cancelled** - these columns display the amount available for payout/being processed/cancelled for the given link for a selected period of time

Bonus balance


Bonus balance** - these are the funds received for your referrals’ financial operations. The total balance i displayed in a single currency (USD) at the current ePayments exchange rate- the display currency can be changed. By clicking on the dropdown menu you can see the balance for each currency separately. When transferring funds from the bonus e-Wallet to the ePayments e-Wallet the payouts are distributed to the corresponding e-Wallet sections.

Balances are provided in four sections:

  • For payment – the reward amount which can be transferred to the ePayments e-Wallet
  • Processing – the amount awaiting confirmation. After confirmation it will be available for transfer to the e-Wallet
  • Cancelled - the amount which was cancelled and will not be credited (for instance due to a refund). If a referral’s operation for which funds were credited was cancelled, then the award will be cancelled also
  • Completed – the amount of bonus awards which were paid to the ePayments e-Wallet

*you cannot use the following words in the link name:

  • admin
  • administrator
  • epacash
  • epaclick
  • epamoney
  • epayments
  • root

** to learn more about receiving rewards read here