Cancelling operations

If in your personal area you have noticed an operation or have received a notification about an operation which you did not make immediately do the following:

  1. change the password to your personal area via the “Settings” menu
  2.  if IP-address restrictions have not been set up, it is imperative to do so by going to the “Settings” menu
  3. immediately send the support team a message with detailed information about the operation which you did not make. In your message try to be as thorough as possible, including all details about the operation and your possible suspicions - this will enable us to help you quicker and more efficiently.

⚠Important: If the operation was from your card and not from your e-Wallet, please follow the instructions described in this article.

If you made the operation but wish to cancel it

Successful operations in the system cannot be cancelled. If you accidentally sent a transfer to another ePayments client, please get in touch with us.


To find out how to secure your account read this article.