Card activation

If you have ordered and received a personal ePayments card

After receiving the card you can activate it by one of two ways:

  1. In your personal area in the “Cards and Accounts” menu select the “Activate” option and follow the system’s instructions.When activating the card the system will also ask you to receive or to set up a PIN code. Detailed information on reviewing and changing a PIN code is available in this article.
  2. By calling one of the numbers indicated on the card +44844 7744 780 / +7495 463 1719. 
    For activation you will need to enter the full card number and follow the voice menu’s instructions.


It is also possible to activate an ePayments card in the applications for iOS and Android.


If you received an ePayments promo card from us*

And you already have an account within our system, to link this card to your account go to the “Cards and Accounts” menu, click on the “+” symbol and choose “Link promo card”.

Then, follow the system’s instructions.
After activating you will also be able to receive a PIN code for the card.

Important: if you have already ordered a personal ePayments card in USD, linking the promo card will not be possible.


If you have received our promo card but you still do not have an account, please use this link or scan the QR-code from the envelope in which you received the card.

By following the system's instructions you will be able to register your account - the card will already be linked to it.


*ePayments promo cards are non-personalised cards which we give out at marketing events: expos, conferences etc. The same functions as ordinary ePayments cards are available for promo cards.