PIN code

You can receive (view) your card’s PIN code by one of two ways:

  1. In the “Cards and Accounts” menu. To do this select “PIN services” in the drop-down menu, then “View PIN code”, and follow the system’s instructions.You can view your PIN code once per 24-hour period.en_-_PIN.JPG
  2. By calling one of the numbers indicated on the card: +44844 7744 780 / +7495 463 1719 and following the voice menu instructions.


In the “Cards and Accounts” section under “PIN services” you can also change your PIN code to one which is more convenient for you*. Changing your PIN code costs 1 USD.

After changing your PIN code you will need to carry out your first operation at an ATM which supports chip card technology (EMV). You can find the nearest such ATM on the mastercard® website.

You can also view and change your PIN code on the applications for iOS and Android.


*you can read how to secure your ePayments card and its PIN code here.