Blocking and reissuing a card

If you have lost your card and would like to order a new one, or if you plan not to use your card any more, you can block it. To do this please take the following actions:

- unload all funds from the card back to your e-Wallet. You can do this in your personal area in the “Payments and Transfers” page by clicking on the “Between your accounts” service. Choose the relevant options in the “From account” and “To account” sections and enter the transfer amount then check the details entered and confirm the operation. Transfers between the ePayments e-Wallet and card take place instantly and free of charge;

– block the card by calling +44-844-774-4780 / +7-495-463-1719. In this instance the card will be blocked permanently, and future unblocking of the card will not be possible. After this, if necessary you can reissue the blocked card yourself in the “Cards and Accounts” menu in your personal area. You can acquaint yourself with the fees for reissuing a card here.

⚠Important: if you previously blocked your card in your personal area in the “Cards and Accounts” menu, please contact the support team to reissue it. 

If for some reason you could not unload your funds from the card or you still have some questions about blocking a card, please contact us.

If you have noticed an operation in your personal area which you did not carry out, or you suspect that the card details are known to third parties*, please follow the instructions from this article.

*read here to find out how to secure your card operations.