Adding funds

The ePayments e-Wallet and card balances are not merged, and therefore in order to withdraw money from the card or pay for purchases you should first add funds to it. 

Using ePayments card as well as adding funds to it are only available for verified clients. Find out how to start the verification process right now.


  • You can load your card 5 times per 24-hour period. The maximum possible amount on the card is 20,000 USD. You can acquaint yourself with more detailed limits for loading your card here.
  • You cannot load your ePayments card via special terminals or through direct transfers by using your card number (for instance, from another system). The card can only be loaded from your ePayments e-Wallet or from your WebMoney account. Both ways of loading your card are described below.

There are two ways of loading your ePayments card:

1. From your ePayments e-Wallet balance.

Choose the “Between your account” section in the “Payments and Transfers” page in your personal area. In the dropdown menu select the relevant values in the “From account” and “To account” fields and enter the transfer amount. Then check the details entered and confirm the operation. Transfers between the ePayments e-Wallet and card are instant and free of charge.

You can read more detailed information on adding funds to your ePayments card here.

This way of adding funds is also available on the mobile application for iOS and Android.

2. From your WebMoney purse balance.

You can add funds to USD or EUR cards from your WMZ or WME purse respectively - transfers are carried out instantly. You can find fees for this service on our website.


Go to the “Receive” section - “From WebMoney e-Wallet” in your ePayments personal area, fill out the fields displayed and then follow the system’s instructions.


⚠Important: to successfully carry out transfers between the ePayments and WebMoney systems it is essential that your ePayments card is verified on the WebMoney system.