Inactive e-Wallet

Please be informed that starting from April, 16, 2018 we may apply a service fee for inactive e-Wallets. You can find the current fees here.

What is an inactivity period?

The inactivity period starts from the date of the last e-Wallet operation which may be an operation performed by a client, as well as an e-Wallet refund.

How is the fee applied?

  • After 12 months of e-Wallet inactivity we notify the client about the upcoming fee and debit it after one more month. The fee applies monthly, until the next e-Wallet operation is performed
  • The fee is debited only from the e-Wallet balance
  • If the account balance is not sufficient to debit the full fee amount, only the funds available are debited. The balance doesn’t become negative, and there is no debt accumulation