Card maintenance

How much do the ePayments card maintenance fees cost?

The ePayments card maintenance fees operate on a monthly basis. Up-to-date fees can be viewed here.


When does the card maintenance begin?

We begin counting the card maintenance from the moment the card is activated. The first two months of card maintenance are free of charge. After this, the fee will be charged on the same day of the month (or the last day of the month if, for instance, you activated your card on the 31 st ). If the fee is not charged because of insufficient balance, then card maintenance will be extended to the date you activated the card when you next add funds to it.

For example: if the card activation date is the 17 th , and payment took place on the 10 th , then
maintenance will be extended by 7 days.


Can I postpone card activation?

Yes, you can activate your card at any convenient time within the card’s period of validity (cards are valid for 3 years).


I received a notification that my card’s maintenance will soon expire. How can I prolong it?

You don’t need to do anything - the fee is automatically debited on the day indicated in the notification.


What will happen if there is not enough on the account to pay the fee?

We will debit the fee from the e-Wallet balance. If there are not enough funds in the e-Wallet, then the fee will not be charged until funds are added to either the e-Wallet or the card. In this situation the card and e-Wallet balance will not become negative, and there will not be any “debt” for the maintenance. When funds appear we will only charge a fee for the current month’s card maintenance. 


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