Documents we accept for account verification

Identity confirmation

To verify your identity, you are able to upload one of the following government issued documents:

  1. Passport;
  2. Driving licence (both sides);
  3. National Identity card (both sides).

The document must be valid and contain:
- name and surname;
- date of birth;
- photograph;
- document reference number;
- date of issue;
- date of expiry;
- country of issue;
- signature (in passport).


Address confirmation

To verify your address, you are able to upload one of the following documents:

  1. Utility bill (gas, water, electricity, fixed line telephone, internet);
  2. Bank account statement with a list of transactions;
  3. Mortgage statement;
  4. Certificate of voter registration/electoral role registration (not a voter's card);
  5. Government issued correspondence (tax returns/assessments).

The document must meet the following requirements:
- be no older than six months;
- be related to a fixed address;
- contain your name;
- contain the name of the company which provided this document.


We accept photographs, scanned copies of documents and original electronic files in PDF format. Photographs/scanned copies must be high-quality and in color, the document on the photograph/scanned copy must be provided in full.

⚠Important: We accept documents only in Latin and Cyrillic scripts. For other cases, please provide a notarized English translation of your document.