Documents we accept for account verification

Identity confirmation

To verify your identity, you are able to upload one of the following government issued documents:

  1. International passport.
  2. Driving licenсe (both sides).
  3. National ID card (both sides).

The document must be valid (the expiry date has not been reached).

Address confirmation

To verify your address, you are able to upload one of the following documents:

  1. Utility bill (gas, water, electricity, landline, TV or fixed internet).
  2. Bank statement or credit/debit card statement.
  3. Registration page from national passport along with photo page.

The document must not be older than 6 months old.

We accept photographs, scanned copies of documents and original electronic files in PDF format. Photographs/scanned copies must be high-quality and in colour, the document on the photograph/scanned copy must be provided in full.

⚠Important: We accept documents only in Latin and Cyrillic scripts. For other cases, please provide a notarized English translation of your document.