Documents we accept for account verification

Identity confirmation

To verify your identity you can upload one of the following documents:
1) internal passport;
2) international passport;
2) driving licence (both sides);
3) ID card (both sides).
The document must be valid (the expiry date has not been reached).

Proof of address

To verify your address you can upload one of the following documents:
1) passport page with registration address (together with the main page of your internal passport);
2) utility bill (gas, water, electric, cable TV, landline phone, the Internet);
3) bank statement (with transactions);
4) temporary registration;
5) tenancy agreement (all pages).
The document must contain your name and address, and it must also have be signed and stamped/have a barcode or QR-code. The document must be valid (registration, tenancy agreement and temporary registration) or no older than 3 months (utility bill and bank statement).


We accept photographs and scanned copies of documents. Photographs/scanned copies must be high-quality and in colour, the document on the photograph/scanned copy must be provided in full.