Mass transfer to ePayments e-Wallets

Mass transfers to ePayments clients' e-Wallets are available only to verified business clients. Find out how to begin verification now.


The fees for this service can be found on our website. Other fees and conditions are to be specified with your personal manager.

Time frames

Transfers to clients e-Wallets who are registered in the system are carried out within a few minutes. If you send money via phone number or e-mail address it will be sent to the account linked to the contact details provided.

If the client whose number or address provided in the CSV is not registered in the system, the money will be sent immediately after registration. If the client has registered, but with a different number or email address, the money will be sent immediately once these are lined to his/her account.


You can transfer money from any e-Wallet currency section (USD, EUR or RUB). You also can choose the currency in which funds will be credited to the recipient. If the sent and received currency are different, then we will convert the money per our internal rate.


Operation limit — no more than 500 transfers in 1 CSV file. The maximum and minimum limits for different currencies can be found on the operation screen.

Creating a transfer

To send the transfer click "Upload CSV file" and select it. Then click on the "Download list of payments " button.

How to fill out a CSV file

The following table lists the parameters that are processed in CSV files and the requirements for filling them out. 

Parameter no.


Requirements for completion


Sender's system

Enter "ewallet"


Sender's e-Wallet number

Enter your account number, for example, "000-123456"



Enter the currency section of the e-Wallet from which you want to transfer, for example, EUR


Outgoing amount

Enter the amount you want to send


Currency to be received

Select the currency in which the transfer will be received: EUR, USD, or RUB. If the outgoing and received currencies differ, ePayments will convert the funds automatically.


Incoming amount

Enter the amount to be received. Complete either option 4 or 6. You do not need to fill out both options simultaneously.


External ID

This is an optional field. In this field you can enter internal transaction numbers



Specify transfer details: invoice, contract number or any other information relevant to the recipient.


Recipient's system

Enter "ewallet"


Recipient's ID

You can enter one of three recipient identifiers:

  • ePayments e-Wallet number
  • the phone number registered to the account
  • the email address in which the account was registered


Recipient type

Depending on what you entered in the last paragraph, enter the

  • epid (if account number indicated)
  • phone (if phone number indicated)
  • email (if email address indicated)


Example of how to complete the file:




Next, confirm once again all the details entered and confirm the transfer by using the SMS code or PUSH notification received. You can learn more about each of the confirmation methods in the "How to begin registration" article.

If the payment is declined…

This occurs very rarely, but if it happens, please contact us and we will help to clarify the reason for the error.