How to transfer funds to bank account

How to link a bank account for making a transfer

If your bank account is active and held in your name please follow the instruction below to link it to your ePayments account and to make operations with it: 

1. Open the Payments and Transfers menu and click Link new account;

2. Choose Bank account option;


3. Fill in the fields of the form with the following information:

  • Bank country - please choose the country of the bank from the drop-down list
  • Transfer currency - please choose the currency from the drop-down list
    The list of the available currencies includes the following ones:
    - SEPA - EUR
    - SWIFT - EUR, RUB
    - TARGET2 - EUR
    - Local payments - RUB, USD, GBP, THB, CAD, PHP, VND, JPY, PLN, SGD, ILS, SEK, HKD
    Note: please be aware that the list of the available currencies may vary depending on the bank and its country.   
  •  SWIFT code
  • Account number/ IBAN 

Note: after selecting a transfer currency, you’ll see the form for entering bank account details. The set of fields may be different depending on the selected country and transfer currency. F.e. Bank code in different variations (e.g. Sort code, ABA routing code, BIC etc), Branch code or Correspondent bank details.


4. Once bank details are filled in, please click Next. When clicking this button, the system links the bank account to your ePayments account and you’ll receive the relevant notification. 
Note: In some cases, it’s also required to confirm bank account ownership. Please check it here how to pass the confirmation process successfully (Bank account verification). 

How can you understand that you’re required to confirm the ownership of your bank account?

Please check the status of the linkage in the Payments and Transfers - Linked Accounts section of your personal ePayments account.

If you see unnamed.pngicon and "Not confirmed" next to your linked bank account then the ownership confirmation is required. 

Please start the process of confirming your ownership of the bank account within 10 minutes. Otherwise, not verified linked bank account details will be deleted and the process should be started from scratch. 


Bank account verification

If you see the unnamed.pngicon and  "Not confirmed" as the status of your linked bank account, it means you should confirm the ownership of linked bank account details by providing relevant documents. 



Note: please start the process of confirming your ownership of the bank account within 10 minutes. Otherwise, not verified linked bank account details will be deleted and the process should be started from scratch.


Please follow the instruction below to successfully pass the verification process:

1. Click on the account and go to a page where you can see types of acceptable documents for your bank account ownership verification and requirements.
Note: a tooltip with the requirements is displayed, when you move a cursor over the Upload document button.

General requirements for the document are that it must clearly show the following:

    • The name of the account holder
    • Bank name
    • Bank account number (IBAN)
    • SWIFT code (or local BIC)
    • Account currency
    • Must be in Latin or Cyrillic (if any other language, a certified translation is required)

2. Once you make sure that your document meets the requirements, please upload it.

3. If you upload the document of proper quality, you will see a notification that we start reviewing it. The review may take up to 3 business days to be processed - please wait for a notification to your email with the result of the process. If we require additional information, we’ll be in touch.

While the verification is not completed you can see unnamed__1_.pngicon .

4. Once the linked account is approved, you will receive the notification, and the icons unnamed.pngor unnamed__1_.png  will disappear.
Note: If the verification of the bank account is rejected, you will receive a notification with the specified reason for rejection and will be able to upload the new document.


If you want to delete a linked account, please do the following:

  • Go to Payments and transfers section -> Linked accounts;
  • Click next to the linked account;
  • Confirm the action by clicking Confirm.

Transfers via linked bank accounts

How to transfer funds: 

  1. Link a bank account (for more information follow the link);
  2. Go to Payments and transfers tab → Linked accounts block;
  3. Choose the linked account you want to use and click button next to it.

Steps of transfer

  1. Enter details - please enter information about an outgoing transfer to a bank account. After entering the data, please click Next.




    Currency section of ePayments wallet that will be used for the transfer. 

    Please choose a value from the drop-down list

    Payment recipient

    It’s pre-filled. You may change the information if necessary by choosing another linked account from the drop-down list. 

    Outgoing amount

    The amount that will be debited from your e-Wallet (without fee). Outgoing currency is equal to the selected currency section of the wallet.

    When filling in the Outgoing amount field, the system will calculate the value in the Incoming amount field automatically

    Incoming amount

    The amount that will be credited to your bank account. 

    If the outgoing currency is different from the incoming currency, the exchange rate will be displayed to the right of the incoming amount.

    When filling in the Incoming amount field,  the system will calculate the value in the Outgoing amount field automatically.

    Purpose of Payment

    Note to transfer (only Latin letters):

    • Payment to own bank account 
    • Other specific data if required from the receiving bank, e.g. customer’s identification number
  2. Confirm the details - please confirm the details entered correctly during the previous step by clicking the button Continue
    If the data have been entered correctly, please click Continue.
    If you need to make changes, then please click Back and amend the information. 

  3. Confirmation of the payment instruction - please confirm your instruction by one-time code sent to your SCA device. 

    Code is valid for 30 seconds, then you may request a new one. After entering the confirmation code, please click Pay. 

  4. Once you successfully confirm the operation, you will receive a notification on the screen and to your email