How to transfer funds to bank card

How to link bank card for making a transfer (for Personal accounts only)

If your bank card:

  • is active and held in your name;
  • card balance is enough for a 24 hours to hold to be applied as a confirmation of bank card ownership (1 USD);
  • supports SMS codes confirmation of operations (3DSecure);
    Please be aware that only bank cards with 3DSecure can be linked to your ePayments account. You can check this with your bank directly. 
  • is issued by Visa or Mastercard;
  • is not linked to another ePayments account,

please follow the instruction below to link it to your ePayments account: 

1. Go to Payments and transfers section;

2. Click Link new account;

3. Choose Bank card option;


4. Fill in the fields of the form;




Card number

0000 0000 0000 0000

The full number of the card.

Valid through


Expiration date of the card.

Card Verification Code/Card verification value


3 digits Code from the backside of your card.

First and last name of the cardholder

First and last name as it is presented on the card

First and last name of the cardholder. The field must be filled out in Latin.

If there is no name presented on the card, please enter your first and last name in the same format as they’re in your documents used for identity verification. 



5. After the fields are completed, please click Next;

If some fields are filled out incorrectly, they are highlighted in red and you need to amend them accordingly. 

6. Then you need to put the 3DSecure code in the next window. This step can’t be missed; 


7. If the 3DSecure code is accepted ePayments temporarily hold 1 USD on the card (regardless of the card's currency). This step is necessary to verify that the card belongs to you. The funds will be released within 24 hours;

8. Then you reach the Complete step, which shows that the process is completed from your side, and we are in progress with it;


9. Once the card is linked by the system, you can see a window with the final status;


10. By clicking Close, you’ll return to the page with linked accounts. The Card will be displayed in the Linked accounts list;


If you want to delete the linked card, please do the following:

  • Go to Payments and transfers -> Linked accounts;
  • Clickmceclip4.pngnext to the linked card;
  • Confirm the action by clicking Confirm.



Transfers to linked bank cards (for Personal accounts only)

To access the operation, please do the following: 

  1. Link a bank card;
  2. Go to Payments and transfers tab →  Linked accounts block;bankcard4_03.22.png

 3. Choose the linked card you want to use and click the button next to it.

Steps of transfer

1. Enter details - please enter information about an outgoing transfer to a bank card then click Next.
lease be aware that transfers to VISA cards issued by banks from  Russian Federation are allowed only in RUB.

2. Confirm the details - please confirm the details entered correctly during the previous step.
If the data is entered correctly, please click Continue.
If you need to make changes then please click Back and amend the information.

3. Confirmation of the payment instruction - please confirm your instruction by one-time code sent to your SCA device. 

The Code is valid for 30 seconds, then you may request a new one. After entering the confirmation code, please click Pay. 

Once you successfully confirm the operation, you will receive a notification on the screen and to your email.