How to transfer funds to mobile phone balance (for Russian Federation only)

How to link mobile phone for making a transfer

If the phone number that you’d like to link:

  • is active and held on your name;
    Please be aware that it’s possible to link no more than 1 phone number.
  • hasn’t been linked to another account 

please follow the instruction below to link it to your ePayments account and to make operations with it: 

  1. Go to Payments and transfers section;
  2. Click Link new account;
  3. Choose Phone number option;


     4.  On the next step, please fill out the form for the following data entry: 


Please select your carrier from the drop-down list:

  • MTS
  • Beeline
  • Megafon
  • Tele2Rostelecom


Phone number must be entered without 8



Please click Next to proceed to the next step.

      5.  Once the data is filled out, please enter a confirmation code sent by SMS to the phone number specified in the previous step. This step is necessary to verify that the phone number belongs to you. 

Note: you can apply for a second confirmation code in 30 seconds after the first request. In order to do this, please click Send code again.
Please be aware that if you enter an incorrect confirmation code more than 5 times in a row, your ePayments account will be temporarily blocked for 1 hour. 

      6.   Then you reach the Complete step, it shows that the process is completed from your side, and we are in progress with it.


    7.   By clicking Close, you’ll return to the page with linked accounts. The linked phone number will be displayed in the list.

    8.   If you want to delete the linked phone number, please do the following:

  • Go to Payments and transfers -> Linked accounts;
  • Click pasted_image_0.pngnext to the linked phone number;
  • Confirm the action by clicking Confirm.

Transfers to a linked mobile phone

To access the operation, please do the following: 

  1. Link a phone number;
  2. Go to the Payments and transfers tab → the Linked accounts block;
  3. Choose the required account and click thepasted_image_01.png button next to it.

Steps of transfer

  1. Enter details - please enter information about an outgoing transfer to a phone number balance. After entering the data, please click Next. 

From account

Currency section of your ePayments e-Wallet from which the funds are going to be transferred to the phone number.
Please choose an option from the drop-down list. 

Phone number

The phone number to which the transfer will be credited

Please choose the linked phone number from the drop-down list. 

Outgoing amount

The amount that will be debited from your e-Payments e-Wallet excluding commissions.

Outgoing currency is equal to the selected currency section of the e-Wallet. Specified in the currency of transfer. 

When filling in this field, the value in the Incoming amount field will be calculated automatically

Incoming amount

The amount that will be credited to your phone number including conversion. It is calculated only in RUB. Other currencies are unavailable.

When filling in this field, the value in the Outgoing amount field will be calculated automatically


    2.  Confirm the details - please confirm the details entered correctly during the previous step.
If the data have been entered correctly, please click Continue.
If you need to make changes, then please click Back and amend the information 

    3.  Confirmation of the payment instruction - please confirm your instruction by one-time code sent to your SCA device. 

Code is valid for 30 seconds, then you may request a new one. After entering the confirmation code, please click Pay. 

     4.   Once you successfully confirm the operation, you will receive a notification on the screen and to your email.