Re-issuing expired cards

The card's expiry date is displayed on the card in month/year format. The card is active until the last day of the month displayed.


For your convenience, one and a half months before the card expires a reminder will appear in the "Cards and accounts" section of your personal area, and you can order a new card.


Ordering a new card

You can order a new card in the "Cards and accounts" section of your personal area on the website or in the mobile application.


You will receive a new card within 5 days to 6 weeks (depending on the delivery type). If you do not manage to order the new card before the card expires, you can order one afterwards.


Payment and delivery

The card is issued free of charge.

Delivery may be either free of charge or for a fee - you can select the most convenient option when you are ordering the new card. You can find more information on delivery cost and time here.


Your new card

The card is issued with a new PAN and PIN code.

The old card will be active until it expires, or until the new card becomes activated. After activating the new card, the balance on the old card is automatically transferred to it.