Site requirements to connect the merchant service

Before applying to connect the merchant service, please make sure that your website adheres to the requirements provided below.


1. Requirements for description of goods and services:

  • clear description of goods and explanation of services
  • display of goods and description of its consumer characteristics
  • cost and currency displayed

2. Requirements for availability of contact information:

  • name of the legal entity, registration number and legal address of the company
  • for a licensed sphere of activity, information about the license
  • company's trading name (brand name)
  • business contact details: physical address where business is conducted and telephone number
  • telephone number and email address for clients


3. Documentation requirements:

Four documents must be available on your website (see below). Links to these documents must be displayed on the login page of the personal area and on the checkout page.

The purchaser's agreement to the terms and conditions is to be taken twice: both prior to registering an account (if a personal account is available) and prior to the payment of goods or services.

Terms and Conditions

A list of rules and agreements between the purchaser and yourself.

Privacy policy

This contains information concerning which data you collect on the website, as well as how you store, process, and use them. It also contains the procedure for changing and deleting data.

The Privacy Policy must specify that:

  • payment card data is stored and transmitted in accordance with basic confidentiality standards and security of credit and debit cards according to PCI DSS (payment card data security Standard)
  • payment card data is not requested and not used for any purposes other than the payment of goods and services
  • payment card data is not stored on the server
  • you undertake not to disclose the client's personal data or information about the payment card and the transaction to anyone in any way- except for the acquiring bank and Visa/Mastercard payment system, or at the request of public authorities

Furthermore, you must show:

  • which payment card data are collected at the goods or services order/payment stage, and how they are stored
  • which security measures and payment card data encryption (SSL, TLS etc.) apply on the website

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Conditions and procedure the buyer should carry out to return goods/cancel a service.

Delivery and Service Provision Policy

Contains information about goods delivery or services provision. You must specify:

  • time frames, methods and price of delivery
  • names and addresses of pick-up locations (if required)
  • contact details in case of questions regarding delivery
  • information regarding the procedure of service provision
  • time frame for providing the service


4. Requirements for creating an order:

  • description of consumer characteristics of the goods/conditions of service and their payment
  • possibility to cancel an order/service for the buyer


5. Payment page requirements:

  • the address is displayed where the business is conducted
  • there is a checkbox for the buyer to accept the terms of use
  • there is a billing descriptor on the page - this is a text string on the payment page and card statement in which your name and location are displayed. This information allows the purchaser to accurately identify each transaction.


6. Website security requirements:

  • SSL certificate for the transmission of payment details
  • HTTPS protocol for registration and use of the personal area, as well as for creating and paying for orders

⚠ You must be prepared to demonstrate that you adhere to the aforementioned requirements when you submit the request.

We also recommend that you place an FAQ section on the website.

You can find out more about additional requirements for recurring payments here.

If any questions remain, please write to us at