How can I close my account?

You are entitled to terminate your ePayments Account prior to either of the changes to the e-Wallet T&Cs or the Card T&Cs coming into effect. You can do this by giving us notice in writing using any of the ways for contacting us as set out on our Website. Also you can contact us through your personal area or

If you give us notice to close your ePayments Account, we will ask you to provide us with the details of where you would like us to transfer any balance you hold with us. Provided that your chosen option is available and that there is no limit or other restriction for us to do so, after deducting any fees due and payable by you, we will transfer the balance as directed by you. This process may take longer than 2 months to complete and we may still require information from you to facilitate the account closure in line with the requirements placed on us by the Financial Conduct Authority.