Not supported industries

You cannot open or hold an ePayments account if you carry out any sort of business or activity that relates to the following:

  • Gambling*
  • Online gaming* 
  • Pharmacy: controlled substance
  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution or escort services
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Foreign exchange*
  • Currency exchange*
  • Replica goods
  • Money service businesses/ payment service providers
  • No-value added services
  • Psychic Services
  • Gold, precious stones and gemstones
  • Security brokers
  • Hazardous materials, combustibles, corrosive
  • Human Body Parts, Fluids and remains
  • Illegal products or services
  • Funding of any items on the prohibited industry list
  • Any product or business that we believe poses elevated financial risk or legal liability

* We can onboard affiliate marketers who market/advertise licensed gambling, online gambling, foreign exchange or currency exchange products/services.

This list is subject to change at any time by ePayments decision without prior notice.