My linked devices

Once you have linked a trusted device, you can link the second device to your account. The device will become linked

Devices remain linked within 30 days from the last login to the account, except for those cases when you log out on these devices.  

The linking of a linked device is performed only after you have confirmed logging into the ePayments application via SCA notification on the trusted device. 

  1. Sign in to the ePayments app on any new device.
  2. Receive a notification on the trusted device about linking the new device. 
  3. Once confirmed, the new device becomes linked.

Only a mobile device with the ePayments app installed can become a linked device. Authorisation via web or mobile browser will always require confirmation with an SCA device.

  • You can link and unlink devices an unlimited number of times.
  • You can have only one trusted device (SCA device).
  • You can have as many linked devices as you want.