How to change my trusted device

If you would like to replace your trusted device with a new one, you can do this yourself if:

  • you have access to the current trusted device; 
  • SCA confirmation is working properly on it. 

To replace the device, please follow the instruction:

Make your new device a linked one:

  • install the ePayments app on your new device:
  • open it and enter the login and password to your ePayments account;
  • create PIN code.

Once you receive a notification to your current trusted device, open it and click Confirm.

You then need to make this device as a trusted one, so:

  • in your linked device, open ‘..’ (More) - Device management tab;
  • click on the Make current device trusted button below the screen.

You will again receive the notification to your current trusted device. Open it and click Confirm.

On completing the steps, your new device will become trusted.

If you face any issues, please drop us a message through your personal area or To help us solve the issue as efficiently as possible, please provide us with as much detail as you can, including:

  • At which step, and what type of error do you get
  • Attach a screenshot of the error if possible.