Account settings for greater security

You can make your account more secure by applying IP restrictions for account access and enabling invisible mode.

Restrictions on IP addresses

The IP restrictions tab is required to configure restrictions on specific IP addresses, ranges or countries. All restrictions set apply simultaneously and are not mutually exclusive. 

The functionality is needed to enhance the security of your ePayments account by identifying trusted access points.

To access the functionality, you need to click Settings - Security block - IP restrictions button.

Adding restrictions

You can choose one of the possible options:

  1. Add a specific IP-address to the list of acceptable IPs.
  2. Add a range of IP-addresses.
  3. Add the country of your stay/residence. 

To add a new restriction, you need to:

  1. Click + in the required settings box;
  2. Enter a value in the entry field that opens;
  3. Click Accept.
Enable restrictions

To activate the set restrictions, you  need to click on the toggle in the Status field:

- all restrictions set are enabled. Access to the account from other IP addresses will be restricted;

- all restrictions are disabled (even if the fields are filled in).

Invisible mode

Invisible mode enables you to hide the fact you have an ePayments account in other people's phone Contacts. In invisible mode, the ePayments logo will disappear from alongside your name in their Contacts. 

To access the tab, you need to go to Settings - Security block - Invisible mode tab.

When switching to the Invisible mode tab, you have access to the toggle button:

unnamed.png- enabled;

unnamed__1_.png- disabled.

To access the function on the mobile app, click More - Security tab - Invisible mode

To activate/deactivate Invisible mode:
  1. Go to Security 
  2. Move the toggle to the desired position:
    unnamed.png- enabled;
    unnamed__1_.png- disabled.