Transaction statements

If you want to see a consolidated statement of your transactions for a certain period of time, you can create a  transaction statement for e-Wallet and ePayments cards.

In order to do that, please:

  1. Go to Statement menu;
  2. Specify the period and types of transactions which must be included in the statement.;
  3. Click the Download Statement button to download the statement, generated on the selected filters.;
  4. Select statement format: CSV or PDF.

Please note, that if you have specified filters to retrieve a list of transactions and then clicked the report generation button, only those transactions that match the previously selected filters will appear in the report. 

The PDF report is a table with transactions by wallet or card, taking into account the selected filters. The parameters of the table depend on the type of product selected 

You can see the following information for ePayments products in the PDF report:

  • Balance at [start date of reporting period]
  • Amount of expenses
  • Amount of income
  • Balance at [end date of reporting period]

The CSV report shows the same parameters for transactions regardless of the ePayments product:






Amount (for card transactions is displayed without fees);

Commission (displayed only for card transactions);




Invoice number;

External identifier.


If you need any help or face some issues, please contact a Support Team.