How to change my phone number or email address

To edit the phone number and/or your login email address, please choose the "Phone and Email" tab in your Profile section.

In this section, your contact details are displayed under a mask. To the right of the contact, you'll see its current confirmation status:

  • Confirmed - the contact information has been verified with a confirmation code;
  • Not set - the contact information either hasn't been set or hasn't been verified with a confirmation code. 

To change an existing contact, please go to the Profile section. Then identify the contact to be edited (email or phone number) and press on the contact info you need to change.

To verify the change of contact, you need to confirm it with a confirmation code. If the code is entered correctly, the page with the result will be shown and a notification will be sent — by email if you changed the email address, or by SMS if you changed the phone number.

A verification code is sent to the new phone number to confirm the new phone number. 

The errors that may occur during this process: 


Error reason

Password entered incorrectly

You've entered the wrong password for your account in the Personal Account Password field.

Invalid email format

You've made a mistake when entering an email address in the New email field.

The field cannot be empty

A mandatory field is empty.

The code is incorrect

You've entered a one-time confirmation code incorrectly (at the Confirmation stage).