Transactions list in a personal area

You have the opportunity to view information about your transactions and the ability to download reports from your personal account. 

To access this function, please go to the Statements tab or click on the wallet or card amount in the left control panel (in this case, a report will be automatically generated for the selected section of the wallet or card).


Filter name


Operation type

The name of all financial transactions, excluding POS and ATM transactions (e.g. depositing a wallet by bank transfer, etc.).

The value is selected from the drop-down list. The values in the list become available by clicking on the input field.

Product type

ePayments product on which transactions are searched.

  • All products (e-wallet and card);
  • e-Wallet; 
  • ePayments card.


Wallet or card currency section:

  • All currencies; 
  • USD; 
  • EUR; 
  • RUB (only when choosing an e-Wallet product).

Transaction type

  • All transactions; 
  • Incoming; 
  • Outgoing;


Wallet or card number of the transfer recipient (no more than 50 symbols)

Report generation period

Period of time for which you want to check your transactions.

  • Month; 
  • Quarter; 
  • Year; 
  • Another period.

There are also additional hidden filters (become available by clicking the Advanced search button (located under the filtering period):

  1. Invoice number
  2. Transaction number
  3. External payment ID (transmitted when making a payment via API by third-party systems). The field is available only to corporate accounts.

If you don’t use search filters, the results table defaults to display data for an indefinite period. 

You also can see detailed information about the transaction.

This information is displayed in the table with search results:

  • Transaction date
  • Type of transaction
  • Transaction amount and currency: red - outgoing; green - incoming

To view detailed information on a transaction, please select it in the general list and click on the inverted triangle. The form with detailed information on the transaction includes the following data:

  • Status (Created, Pending, Completed, Rejected, Refunded);
  • Transaction no (Transaction number in ePayments system);
  • Date (Time and date of the transaction);
  • Product (The e-Wallet or ePayments card that was used to for transaction);
  • Recipient (The identifier of the recipient of the transfer. The field is not displayed if the transfer was made between wallet sections or to your own ePayments card);
  • Amount (Currency and amount of the transaction);
  • Details (A brief description of the transaction).