How to create a payment

To access the transfer to a corporate bank account, you need to:

  1. Get to the Payments and transfers tab;
  2. Select To bank account.



Enter details 

Please enter information for an outgoing transfer to a bank account and fill in the fields. After entering the data, click Next.

Take a note that you can only withdraw funds to the company’s own bank account.

Note: the list of fields may vary depending on the receiving bank country and the currency of the amount received.




Currency of ePayments wallet from which money will be debited when transferring to a bank account (EUR/USD/ RUB)

Payment recipient

To transfer using new bank details, you need to select Add another one from the suggested list and fill in the beneficiary bank account details

Bank country

Select the recipient's bank country from the list

Outgoing amount

The amount to be debited from your wallet (excluding fees). The currency of the amount to be sent is the same as the selected currency section of the wallet from which the amount will be debited

When you fill in this field, the value in the Incoming amount field will be calculated automatically, taking into account the currency of the transfer

Incoming amount

The amount and currency to be credited to the recipient. If the currency of the amount to be sent is different from the currency to be received, the exchange rate will be displayed to the right of the incoming amount. The conversion fee will be shown as a % of the transfer and the actual amount.

When you fill in this field, the value in the Outgoing amount field is calculated automatically.

Make sure you indicate the correct transfer currency. 

Purpose of payment

Note on transfer (in Latin characters only). In this field, you need to clearly indicate that you’re sending the company’s own funds to its bank account

For example: transfer to own bank account / transfer between own accounts / transfer to company’s bank account

Currency transaction code (VO)

The number consists of 7 characters and is completed in the format VOXXXXXXX, where X are digits. This field is displayed optionally depending on the settings of the banking route

Correspondent bank

Please fill in these additional fields if you have any information about the correspondent bank details. If you don’t, the choice of the appropriate correspondent bank is up to ePayments


Confirm details 

At this step, please confirm the details have been entered correctly during the previous step by clicking Next. If you need to make changes, then please click Back and amend the information. If the data is entered correctly, please proceed by clicking Confirm.



Confirm the payment 

After clicking the Confirm button you will be redirected to the next step – Payment confirmation.

Please confirm your payment instruction by one-time code sent to your SCA device. Code is valid for 30 seconds, then you may request a new one. After entering the confirmation code, please click Pay.

Once you successfully confirm the operation, you will receive a notification on the screen and by email.



Transfer status

Depending on the status of the payment, you will see one of the following messages:

New - it will take a few minutes to process the payment. Please wait for the result of the transfer or continue to work in your personal account.



Pending - your payment has been successfully received into the queue for execution.

 Once the payment is processed by our banking partner, you will see the reference number (unique number of a bank transfer) in the details of the transaction.



Failed - payment declined.


Payment processing

Once you confirm the transfer in your account, your payment instruction will be received in our queue for processing.

Please note that we’ll be able to process your payment only after your beneficiary bank account has been confirmed with a document.