Corporate bank account verification

Withdrawal is only possible to the company's own bank account, i.e. the beneficiary bank account you’re sending funds to should be registered in your company’s name. In order to confirm ownership of the bank account, please provide supportive documents.

You can send documents:

Requirements for the confirmation documents

You can provide one of the following documents dated within the last 3 months:

  1. Bank statement;
  2. Account ownership certificate;
  3. Bank reference letter;
  4. Statement with account details;
  5. Letter of good standing issued by the bank.

General requirements for the document are that it must clearly show the following:

  • full name in which the bank account is held (this name must match the company name of your corporate account with ePayments);
  • company registered address;
  • bank name and SWIFT code (or local BIC);
  • bank account number/ IBAN and account currency.

The document must also meet the following requirements:

  • must be in Latin or Cyrillic characters (if any other language, a certified translation is required);
  • be in the original format.

We can't accept the following formats of the documents:

- screenshots;

- scanned images exported to PDF;

- printed out digital files. 

In case you are providing the document in a paper format, make sure that:

  1. the photos you are taking are of the highest quality,
  2. all copies of the documents are in colour and not cropped.

If the document is in electronic format:

  1. provide us with the original PDF document, downloaded directly from the personal area of your bank. 
  2. in order to avoid any formatting errors, please do not convert or open it in editing software.

We will need some time to review any documents provided. If we need to request additional information once we’ve reviewed the information we have received, we will be sure to contact you via email or by raising a ticket in the portal.

Once we have successfully reviewed the information provided, we will process your refund and provide you with a payment confirmation number as evidence of the payment being made.